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    Konftel Ego

    - Personal Conferencing. Anywhere.

    Room type: Personal to Huddle
    Small and portable
    Compatible with Skype for Business
    OmniSound® with HD audio

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    The Konftel Ego is a personal speakerphone.

    It’s compact and portable and fits easily in your work bag, wherever you’re going.

    Despite its size, the Konftel Ego delivers crystal-clear sound thanks to our unique OmniSound® audio technology.

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    "With its compact and convenient design,

    the Konftel Ego is a highly versatile tool that delivers superb sound and intuitive features."

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    Perfect for your meeting tools

    The speakerphone works seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Zoom, Avaya IX Workplace and many other collaborative tools.

    It connects easily to a computer via USB or to a tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth®.

    After the meeting, you can then fill the room with your favorite music.

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    The right tool for the moment

    The Konftel Ego is perfect for holding a meeting with a couple of colleagues in one of your smaller huddle rooms.

    Or maybe in a hotel room when you're travelling.

    If you're on your own, the Konftel Ego is a great alternative to a headset.

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    So easy to use

    A smart and clear LCD screen makes it easy to see which function is active.

    LEDs also light up on the side in different colors to indicate the function.

    In short, the Konftel Ego gives you full and effortless control.

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