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    Konftel 300IP

    - IP conference phone. For real.

    Room type: Small to Medium
    Built-in bridging function
    Zero Touch Installation

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    The Konftel 300IP is perfect for both cloud-based and traditional IP platforms, giving you everything you need for effective, top-quality distance meetings. Konftel's OmniSound® audio technology delivers crystal-clear, natural HD audio.

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    Tried and tested

    The Konftel 300IP is a big favorite with companies and organizations around the world. This is due to the winning combination of product quality, practical features and design. As a SIP telephone, it has been tested and validated for a wide range of popular IP platforms (see interoperability table), in accordance with Konftel's strategy.

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    Smart features

    This is a proper conference telephone. The built-in bridging function handles five-way calls, which reduces the need for external bridging services. The conference guide makes it easy to call up groups at the touch of a button.
    Another popular feature of the Konftel 300IP is recording onto an SD memory card.

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    Grows with the task

    The Konftel 300IP fits everything from huddle rooms to large auditoriums. It includes the option to connect a pair of expansion microphones to increase the pickup range and cover up to 20 people in a room. You can also connect a wireless headset if you're lecturing. If you use the PA box to connect to a PA system, there is no limit to the size of the meeting.

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    Easy for the administrator

    The Konftel 300IP can be configured and updated via the web interface or the company's own provisioning server. Another convenient option is Konftel's web service Zero Touch Installation. You can also download new software and update the phone offline.

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