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    Konftel 300Wx-IP

    The wireless conference phone Konftel 300Wx allows you to hold meetings
    wherever is convenient for you –without worrying about network and power outlets.
    The wireless DECT technology is both reliable and secure. Choose a base station
    to suit your company's telephony environment, SIP or analog,
    or connect to an installed DECT system.The rechargeable battery
    ensures more than 60 call hours, so you can talk for a full work week without recharging!

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    Teaming the Konftel 300Wx with the Konftel IP DECT 10 is one of our
    most popular solutions. Now it is available as a single package, delivering wireless
    conference calls in HD quality via your IP telephony system (SIP)

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    First-rate audio quality

    Give your conference calls the full dynamics they deserve! With HD sound,

    voices are much more natural than in a conventional phone call. The nuances

    come through and the entire dialog can flow more smoothly. With expansion microphones,

    you can have large conference calls with up to 20 people in the room.

    The Konftel 300Wx supports wireless HD calls and comes with our

    OmniSound® audio technology. Connect the unit to IP telephony via the

    Konftel IP DECT 10 for a combination of freedom and first-rate audio quality.

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    You're in control

    Konftel 300Wx and the Konftel Unite mobile app are the perfect combination.

    Via the optional Konftel Unite adapter, you can connect up the app and manage

    the conference phone effortlessly. With our One Touch Conferencing, one touch

    really is all it takes to start or join a meeting. Use your personal contact book and

    control the phone's functions during the meeting.

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    Perfect for collaboration

    A USB port makes the Konftel 300Wx ready for all the apps and services we use

    to communicate and collaborate via computers – such as Microsoft Teams, Skype, Cisco Webex, Zoom, Google Hangouts,

    Avaya IX Workplace and Unify Circuit. Don't compromise on audio

    quality when your teamwork goes "live" in an online meeting.

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    Smart features

    The Konftel 300Wx is packed with smart features: Call via a

    mobile phone connected by cable,as an alternative to DECT and USB.

    Use the line selector to switch easily between DECT,

    USB and mobile phone connections, or connect calls.

    Record meetings on an SD memory card.

    The conference guide will take you through the steps to

    set up a multi-party call and save call groups.

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