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    Konftel 800 Speakerphone Gains New Lecture Mode Boost


    Konftel’s flagship conferencing speakerphone has been boosted by a new ‘lecture mode’ wireless headset feature, which creates more user freedom especially for teaching and training.

    The Konftel 800 is now capable of linking to an approved wireless headset – to provide a teacher or presenter with total freedom of movement and position within a room.


    “Wherever they are located, perhaps facing a whiteboard, they can still have perfect microphone pick-up and be heard clearly by all remote participants,” says Konftel Product Manager, Torbjörn Karlsson.


    “We are delighted to announce the Konftel 800 now has this valuable new feature via a free software upgrade. Lecture mode ensures total freedom of movement and an optimum audio experience for everyone.”


    Total freedom
    To take advantage of the new function an approved wireless headset needs to be connected to the speakerphone. The first release will only support the Jabra Engage 65. Support for other headsets will come with future firmware releases.


    While the presenter is speaking, the Konftel 800 will automatically mute all its microphones and only keep the headset microphone open.


    Karlsson explained that when the person stops talking, the speakerphone microphones are unmuted and all participants in the room can be heard. But through the headset, the remote participants can always be heard.


    He added: “Lecture mode gives the presenter complete freedom to roam around a room and break free from any traditional communication barriers. Wherever they are located, even with their back to the room, they can still be heard clearly.”


    The Konftel 800 is an award-winning device which forms the audio centrepiece of several Konftel video kits. It boasts multi-connectivity, beamforming microphones and daisy-chain connection for audio expansion. It is linked to a wireless headset via a DECT base station, with lecture mode operating via all IP, USB or Bluetooth call connections.
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    Konftel Aims Higher To Solve Ceiling Mount Challenge For Greater Room Lay Out Flexibility


    Collaboration endpoint specialist Konftel is creating greater installation flexibility with the development of an innovative speakerphone ceiling mount kit that promotes a neater and more natural meeting room experience.

    Specifically designed for its flagship Konftel 800 device, the new development provides an alternative to traditional desktop placement. It addresses growing market demand for smarter and more flexible room configurations, especially for education and training purposes.

    The special kit includes a dedicated bracket and ceiling mount plate - and is compatible with tripod mounting systems.


    Room flexibility
    Konftel Product Manager, Torbjörn Karlsson, says the kit can dramatically improve room flexibility by providing cable and device-free desk configurations – as well as encouraging more natural meeting behaviour.

    “The Konftel Ceiling Mount Kit ensures seating can quickly and easily be rearranged which is perfect for hybrid lectures or corporate presentations. The overall experience can be further enhanced by connecting two other devices via daisy chain for extended pick-up in larger areas.”

    He emphasized: “In addition, by placing the Konftel 800 in the air this encourages users to stop looking at the speakerphone when talking. When the device is placed in the ceiling people will tend to forget about it and speak naturally in the direction they want, such as towards the screen when addressing a remote participant.”

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    Why Sustainability Matters More Than Ever


    We all recognize urgent action needs to be taken to help protect the planet and we are proud at Konftel to have strengthened our sustainability ethos by securing Climate Neutral status for three consecutive years.

    We can all play a part, both in our daily lives and collectively through the way companies operate. It could be reducing energy at home, driving less and even turning off the taps when brushing our teeth! Supporting Climate Neutral organizations is another effective way forward.

    Konftel became the first in the collaboration industry to become officially Climate Neutral Certified, which means all greenhouse gas emissions have been offset by carbon credits and that we commit to actions to bring down the emissions from our operations.

    To achieve the certification we had to complete a comprehensive process which comprises:

    • Measuring our 2021 greenhouse gas emissions footprint
    • Purchasing verified carbon credits to offset that footprint
    • Implementing plans to reduce emissions during 2022 and beyond

    Together with over 300 other brands we are working towards measuring and offsetting an impact goal of one billion tonnes of emissions by 2030. This covers the first part of the process and leads to the second of buying our carbon credits, through a controlled pool of certified projects offered through the Climate Neutral organization.


    Worldwide projects supported

    By investing in worldwide carbon credits, forest conservation, renewable energy and carbon capture technologies all benefit. Forest conservation in Zimbabwe, water filtration in Cambodia, renewable energy in India, clean electricity in Indonesia, reducing landfill gas in the USA and providing clean cookstoves in Mali are some of the many projects supported by Konftel so far.

    New this year include improved forest management in the US, solar and wind energy in China, biomass in India and reforestation in Costa Rica.


    Reducing impact across our business
    Konftel recognizes we need to act across many levels of our business. For example we will cut the use of polythene bags in our products boxes for the Konftel 800 conference phones and Konftel Cam20 and Konftel Cam50 cameras by 50% by 2023. For cables and other small parts today shipped in poly bags, we will either shift to biodegradable bags or if possible just exclude the bags completely.

    In addition we aim to increase the renewable energy ratio by 10% at our main contract manufacturer’s facilities by 2023. We will also dramatically reduce car commuting of staff compared to pre-pandemic levels. By promoting a hybrid workstyle with flexibility in work location, staff will not be required to commute to corporate offices to the same extent as before.

    Both Konftel and the Climate Neutral organization believe every company should be climate neutral and invest in our planet. It’s about measuring, offsetting and reducing emissions to help the world become net-zero by 2050.

    We find that our customers, our partners and our people really care about all of this. We have put it at the very heart of our business because it’s the right thing to do. Yes, the right thing from a commercial perspective, but also the right thing from an environmental and ethical perspective.

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    Konftel Cam20 Conference Camera Captures Zoom Certification


    The Konftel Cam20 video conferencing camera has been certified to work with Zoom Rooms by Zoom Video Communications, Inc.

    The plug-and-play device features 4K Ultra HD performance and an impressive 123° field of view. Konftel Product Manager, Torbjörn Karlsson confirmed the camera has been fully tested as a Zoom Rooms USB-connected device. 
    “The Konftel Cam20 is the second in our product range to be certified to work with Zoom services and helps deliver a natural and fluent meeting experience.” 
    “Zoom Rooms is Zoom’s software-based conference room system that makes it easy to run or join video meetings with a tap of a button. The Konftel Cam20 represents a seamless and natural fit, combining exceptional picture performance with simple set-up. Certification was achieved following a rigorous testing process.” 
    Compelling combination 
    He added: “The synergy, reliability and high performance offered by Zoom and Konftel is a compelling combination, ideally suited to today’s growing hybrid work trends.” 
    His positive comments were echoed by Jeff Fox, Zoom Senior Product Marketing Manager, who says user adoption continues to accelerate, as more organizations look to embrace and invest in flexible working. 
    “Our Zoom Rooms service delivers a dedicated and seamless meeting experience leveraging certified hardware designed to perform to high standards. Certification of the Konftel Cam20 further adds to the appeal of our Zoom Rooms service at a time when more and more organizations are looking to combine office-based with remote flexibility, further elevating the importance of video meetings across a wider range of environments.” 
    Presenting auto framing 
    In addition to Zoom certification the Konftel Cam20 has been boosted by auto framing functionality, as Karlsson explained: 
    “With the addition of auto framing, room participants will always be ideally fitted within the picture. This removes the need to manually crop the image with the digital zoom. If someone leaves the room, the framing cleverly readjusts. The feature can be disengaged if required.” 
    In addition, Konftel is a Climate Neutral certified company, meaning all greenhouse gas emissions have been offset across its entire product range. This ensures organizations can conference with a clear climate conscience from the very first meeting.
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    Konftel Announces Global Award Winners


    Collaboration endpoint specialist Konftel has announced a series of global award winners, in tribute to some of its top performing distribution partners.

    Control Tech Group Limited is awarded as the Best Partner in the North East Asia region.

    Each year Konftel highlights its key distributors around the world with a special accolade, spanning best partners and largest growth, across different territories. The company says 2021 saw a continuing expansion and strengthening of relationships, as part of a dedicated ‘channel only’ route to market.

    Director of Global Sales, Tommy Edlund, believes Konftel is ideally placed to help resellers and their customers in the continuing transition to hybrid working between offices and homes.

    “In many ways 2021 was a roller coaster year, shaped by the pandemic and concerns over global warming. Video conferencing is now at the heart of more flexible and environmentally friendly ways of working. Konftel continues to evolve, backed by a loyal and dedicated distributor and reseller base, with no direct sales.”

    Edlund continued: “Our strong partner network, combined with an expanding and innovative product portfolio, catapults Konftel further forward and helps organisations across the globe successfully transition to more hybrid ways of working. We expect these trends to continue for the long term, based on sustainability, agility and high performance visual and audio technologies.”


    Rising to the challenge

    "When the majority of office workers around the world suddenly needed effective distance meeting solutions to continue to perform, our partners and their reseller networks rose to the challenge and played a frontline role to help them transition," says Edlund. “Now a new phase is emerging based on a permanent blend of office and home employment.”

    High-quality video kits such as the Konftel C2070 and Konftel C50800 Hybrid continue to grow in popularity in line with today’s dispersed workforce trends, where more video meetings take place across more locations. The Konftel Personal Video Kit – featuring a business class webcam and speakerphone – is another solution in demand, delivering professional quality personal video meetings wherever work takes place.

    "We are living in different times and a different world, especially around distance working. As people return to the office in bigger numbers, expectations around flexible and agile working have changed forever. We won’t go back to before," Edlund emphasized.

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    How To Unleash The Power Of The Hybrid Workplace


    Embracing the new hybrid work culture can be a tricky challenge to find the right balance and ensure a successful transition. Here we reveal the latest tips and advice, together with insights about how successful companies are unleashing the power of flexible working to generate cost savings, revenue gains and increased productivity.

    Konftel believe more online meetings will take place across more locations, as not everyone will return to the office in the way they did before. The workplace of the future is being reshaped based on a mix of in-office and remote working. 
    There’s no going back! The pandemic speeded-up pre-existing trends of working in new ways from different locations. A new era is dawning. Are you ready?
    Backed by independent analysis and Konftel's front line expertise – as a leading collaboration device manufacturer – Konftel predicts a continuing increase in hybrid working, with a workplace revolution inspiring growing demand for higher quality endpoints.
    So just what are the secrets to success?
    In the future many companies will create a new ecosystem, with a central office used to host clients, foster inspiration and facilitate collaborative sessions – complemented by virtual interaction via flexible working and meeting options.
    The most successful companies...
    • provide employees with a choice of work location
    • provision more video and audio devices for work from home
    • are more likely to be deploying video to all or most meeting rooms
    • are more likely to use video for most meetings and see it as critical business technology
    • consider the ability of meeting rooms to support multiple meeting apps of high importance
    • refresh meeting rooms every three years
    Another important factor is being able to use flexible vendor agnostic hardware that works across multiple platforms - which is both easy to use and set-up too. These observations are endorsed by strategic advisory analysts Metrigy. Their latest 160-page report is based on almost 400 global companies with mean annual revenue of $1.4 billion.*
    Of those a ‘success group’ was identified based on above average cost savings, revenue increase and productivity gains derived from their investments in collaboration technology. Easier collaboration, more efficient meetings, increased project capacity and reduced travel expenses are some of the many benefits achieved.
    Measurable differences
    Just over 70% of these ‘most successful companies‘ saw value in equipping employees with high quality endpoints. But it can be a bit of a jungle out there to find the right equipment for the right room. One size doesn’t fit all so Konftel has created an interactive Room Type Guide to optimize the decision-making process. 
    Almost 60% of the success group use video for most meetings. In general 44.9% of all companies surveyed have seen an increase in video use over the latest three month period. Video and audio performance are viewed as the main meeting metrics. Successful companies are also less likely to view the office as a place just for work – but also a collaboration hub for meetings and face-to-face interaction.
    In addition more employees can choose if they want to work from home, although location depends on their role. The research also highlights how increasing video use inspires greater success, with higher levels of video in all meeting rooms and wider levels of general deployment. The success group is using or planning to deploy greater numbers of webcams, compared to standard companies. 
    Individual choice matters
    Konftel recognize it’s completely natural for people to want to use their own laptop for the apps and collaborative tools they prefer or have been provided by their IT department. So we’ve developed a Bring Your Own Meeting blueprint for hassle-free conferencing. This ensures people have the same familiarity and confidence when sitting on their own or joining colleagues to link up for a wider video conference. Over 80% of the success group find multi-app access of moderate or high importance.
    In addition to high quality technology, one of the most crucial factors is consulting with staff, keeping them engaged and planning ahead. As transition accelerates, it’s important to recognize what change means for individuals. Try and find the optimum way forward that works for all parties as part of a collective approach. A company’s success lies in its people. Understanding individual needs should be a key focus and balanced against general business goals.
    Journey to success
    Many successful companies from around the world are already embracing hybrid working based on greater use of video meetings, to reap long-term rewards. The time to act is now!
    *The Unified Communications Management and Endpoints report 2021-22 has been produced by strategic advisory analysts Metrigy. The study highlights successful methods for supporting remote, in-office and hybrid collaboration.
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    Konftel 800 Conference Phone Secures Zoom Phone Certification


    The Konftel 800 conference phone has been officially certified to work with the fast-growing cloud phone solution from Zoom Video Communications, Inc.

    The flagship Konftel 800 audio device, fully tested to work on Zoom Phone, features an award-winning design and high quality OmniSound with beamforming microphones and audio expansion capabilities.
    “The Konftel 800 is the first in our product range to be certified to work with Zoom Phone, which when paired together deliver a natural and fluent meeting experience,” confirmed Konftel Product Manager, Torbjörn Karlsson.
    “Zoom Phone includes traditional PBX features that enable users to talk and interact in new ways for businesses of all sizes. It’s also secure and reliable, delivering secure HD audio with enterprise-class reliability and quality of service. The Konftel 800 and Zoom Phone platform represents a seamless and natural fit, combining exceptional audio with flexibility, ease of use and quick set-up.”
    Daisy-chain capabilities
    The Konftel 800 is suitable for small to very large meeting rooms and has been certified to connect to Zoom Phone as a SIP device. It also features smart microphone and daisy-chain capabilities to extend the audio pickup as well as listening range.
    Konftel’s Director of Global Sales, Tommy Edlund, says the new partnership further strengthens the appeal of the Konftel 800 and addresses growing customer demand, as Zoom Phone continues to enjoy a rapid rise in popularity.
    “Zoom Phone now has over two million seats across 47 countries and territories, doubling from 1 million to 2 million paid seats in less than nine months alone. The Konftel 800 is a powerful flagship hybrid conference phone which when paired with Zoom Phone provides high quality audio communication across a multitude of room types. 
    “There’s been a strong customer appetite for official certification and users will now be able to appreciate in ever greater numbers, the synergy, ease of use, reliability and high performance offered by Zoom Phone and the Konftel 800. It’s a compelling combination.”
    Audio centrepiece
    His positive comments were echoed by Jeff Fox, Zoom Senior Product Marketing Manager, who says user adoption continues to accelerate. “Surpassing two million licenses is a testament to the growing need for a rich cloud telephony solution like Zoom Phone. Organizations around the world no longer have to settle for a phone solution; they can choose one that strategically scales with their business.
    “Over the past two and a half years, we’ve focused on creating a phone solution that’s easy enough for small and midsize businesses to use and deploy and has all the advanced capabilities large multinational organizations require to support global users. Certification of the Konftel 800 further adds to the appeal of our Zoom Phone service.” 
    The Konftel 800 is the audio centrepiece of the Konftel C20800 Hybrid and C50800 Hybrid video solutions. In addition Konftel offers a wide range of video and audio solutions which are all Climate Neutral certified, meaning all greenhouse gas emissions have been offset, across every aspect of the business. This ensures organizations can conference with a clear climate conscience.
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    Konftel Earns Customer Value Leadership Accolade For World Class Performance


    Pioneering conferencing and collaboration manufacturer Konftel is celebrating a prestigious new accolade — earning praise for quality, value, customer loyalty and new product innovations — as part of a visionary industry approach.

    Konftel has achieved a Customer Value Leadership award from global consultation experts Frost & Sullivan. It reflects ‘excellence in best practices’ with Konftel praised for ‘world class performance’ following a rigorous analytical process.
    Align with customer demands
    Frost and Sullivan’s Senior Industry Analyst, Vaishno Srinivasan, paid tribute to the company’s high value and high performance product range. “Konftel’s success mantra revolves around flexibility, usability, and value that align with customer demands.”
    She continued: “It is critical for vendors to provide a range of flexible, plug-and-play A/V options as enterprises face several challenges, including meeting room reconfiguration as well as uncertainty about the number of workers in the office and meeting room occupancy in the new-normal office environments.
    “Konftel’s wide portfolio enables customers to effectively match endpoints with meeting room configurations, sizes, connectivity requirements and budgets. Konftel’s A/V kits provide the best value for the investment with its high quality, functionally robust enterprise-class devices backed by a two-year warranty, Ultra HD/Full HD resolution, beamforming microphones, and renowned OmniSound audio technology. These specifically set Konftel A/V kits apart from the competition at similar price points.”
    A rigorous evaluation
    Delighted Konftel Director of Global Sales, Tommy Edlund, says the latest success is testament to the company’s pursuit of product and service excellence – creating a wide range of flexible options for different room environments.
    “Frost & Sullivan applies a rigorous analytical process to evaluate multiple nominees for each award category before determining the final award recipient. Konftel excelled in many of the criteria.
    “Our comprehensive portfolio, including table top audio conferencing endpoints and high quality USB conference cameras, allows customers to pick and choose the right endpoint—either standalone or A/V kits— according to their needs. To be endorsed by Frost & Sullivan is a tremendous achievement of which we are all rightly proud.”
    Konftel was the first to create a dedicated conference phone over 30 years ago. Its evolving product portfolio features the new C2070 video kit, combining pristine picture performance with beamforming microphone audio.
    Also protecting the planet
    In addition Konftel has recently produced an innovative 3D interactive room guide which identifies the most appropriate products and connectivity set-up, from personal workspaces, focus and huddle rooms to large multipurpose rooms. It’s based on an overall objective of video enabled meetings, always and everywhere, at home or in the office. Konftel also holds Climate Neutral certification meaning users can conference with a clear climate conscience.
    The awards committee concluded: “At Konftel, success is measured not only based on product sales but also across customer satisfaction and loyalty. Creating a better collaboration culture across businesses and protecting the planet with sustainable and environmentally-friendly initiatives are ingrained into Konftel’s DNA. 
    “For its strong overall performance, Konftel is recognized with Frost & Sullivan’s 2021 European Customer Value Leadership Award in the professional audio/video conferencing devices market.”
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    Why One Size Doesn't Fit All


    In today's changing workplace, conferencing can take place literally anywhere and everywhere! But how do you ensure the right equipment is used in the right room?


    Online video meetings have become part of everyday life fuelled by a huge rise in software-based applications such as Zoom and Teams. The next exciting phase is hybrid working, from home as well as in the office, as the popularity of video calls continues to grow.
    But with so many locations and room types it's important to match the right technology to the right conditions. One size definitely doesn't fit all. It's why Konftel has produced a special interactive room type guide - spanning 15 different locations - to pinpoint the most appropriate solutions and connectivity to optimise the quality and consistency of every video meeting. It’s designed to unravel any conferencing conundrums and quickly identify the right solution and installation for the right room.
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    Why we chose to become Climate Neutral


    Protecting the planet as well as connecting the world is part of our DNA - and Konftel is proud to have secured Climate Neutral certification for the second year in a row, as we continue our pioneering industry pedigree.

    Protecting the planet as well as connecting the world is part of our DNA - and Konftel is proud to have secured Climate Neutral certification for the second year in a row, as we continue our pioneering industry pedigree.
    It’s becoming ever more important for businesses and individuals to reduce and nullify their carbon footprints, to try and slow down climate change.
    Konftel was the first in our industry to offset all greenhouse gas emissions and we continue to cut impact at source too. It’s great to be part of a company with this forward-thinking philosophy! The time to act is now.
    In an era of agile working with huge demand for conferencing and collaboration hardware, we take our responsibilities very seriously – so all our customers can ‘conference with a clear climate conscience’.
    There are three reasons why we are placing an even greater emphasis on sustainability: our customers and partners expect it, the world needs it and we believe in its importance.
    Carbon offsetting supports certified projects
    By investing substantially in worldwide carbon credits, forest conservation in Zimbabwe, water filtration in Cambodia and renewable energy in India are some of the many projects to benefit so far. New projects we’re supporting feature forest conservation in Cambodia, clean electricity in Indonesia, reducing landfill gas in USA and clean cookstoves in Mali. Learn more about the projects and our Climate Neutral status here.
    For us, it’s not enough to simply provide innovative technology, equipment and support which helps people communicate more effectively. We also have to pay attention to our own carbon footprint in a way which encourages others to do the same.
    As well as the investment in our carbon credit programme, Konftel will continue to reduce future business travel by staff, once the pandemic is over. We have already replaced all plastic packaging for accessory cables with paper-based alternatives – and there’s more to come too.
    This year’s reduction actions
    We’ve developed a set of new pledges including all company owned cars becoming electric by the end of 2021. Konftel will also ‘climate-optimise’ packaging for all deliveries sent from our head office. This involves replacing plastic bubble wrap with recycled paper, minimising carton sizes, switching from plastic tape and using thermal labels that require less energy and generate less waste. In addition Konftel will explore options for improved energy efficiency at our biggest manufacturing sites.
    When customers buy from us, they know they are buying from an organization which has no carbon footprint whatsoever; zero net emissions. This is a huge statement of intent. The technology we produce works in harmony with our climate neutral philosophy. More conference calling means less car and rail journeys, fewer flights, less-full offices, reduced gas and electricity consumption. The two strategies operate together.
    Sustainability is a global conversation. We have a long way to go and this is only the start for us to become a fully sustainable company. But I’m sure you agree, it’s important to have a strong voice and take progressive steps forward where possible. Future generations expect nothing less.
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    Are you ready for the office return?


    Offices are set to burst back to life, but rapid transformation needs to take place to deliver safe working conditions. Are you ready?

    Across many parts of the world, offices are being reorganised to create more space, more meeting rooms and more video conferencing.
    It’s important to fully prepare for the next phase of Covid recovery, combining a mix of home working and phased office life – the hybrid workplace.
    Independent Research
    Backed by the latest independent research, we estimate more than half of businesses are planning to accelerate IT budgets this year, with video meeting room technologies one of their top priorities.
    What we are finding is more companies are reorganizing their offices and preparing to facilitate increased video meetings. Our views have been reinforced by new research from strategic advisory analysts, Metrigy, and discussions with distributors and resellers across the globe.
    The traditional office is already going through rapid transformation, spearheaded by conferencing and collaboration. It’s clear many successful companies are already experiencing a rapid return on investment and are planning to invest more in meeting room technologies and hardware for remote workers.
    Versatile, cost effective and ‘climate neutral’ solutions (with no net impact on the planet) will be key. Many business critical meetings will continue to be conducted online, both now and in the future.
    To support a safe office return, we recommend:
    • Limiting capacity of office spaces to ensure adequate social distancing
    • Converting existing meeting rooms into video enabled conferencing
    • Installation of touchless device technologies such as ‘contactless conferencing’
    • Adding more enclosed work zones
    • Increased general cleaning and sanitation
    Future workgroups will likely consist of a mix of in-person and remote participants, with professional-quality video meetings becoming the benchmark for collaboration success, wherever people are working. Flexibility is key.
    Be prepared
    Clearly it is an evolving situation in all four corners of the world. But one thing is for sure, businesses need to prepare for greater numbers in the office, whilst also maintaining remote working too.
    We’ve seen huge demand for flexible USB-based video kits, whilst early orders for our new Konftel Cam10 business webcam have exceeded expectations. A series of new products are in the pipeline, such as a high performance speakerphone and combined video cameras.
    Safety and social distancing will be vital when more people return to offices. No-touch solutions will be increasingly popular. Our Konftel Unite app for example, switches the operation of audio-based meetings from the traditional keypad to the screen of a mobile phone or tablet, easily via Bluetooth.
    The world of communication is set to enter a new phase. Be prepared. Be ready.
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    How To Enable Contactless Meeting Room Experiences


    When people return to workplaces in larger numbers, what will their expectations be around safety and how will offices need to be changed and adapted?

    Lots more office-based conferencing will take place – but these meetings will require more social distancing between participants and less touching of equipment. The age of contactless conferencing will be born!
    Konftel’s Unite app and our BYOM concept, means users don’t need to touch shared devices – and these are set to become important solutions in the battle ahead.
    Take More Control
    Konftel Unite is an ingenious app that switches the operation of meetings from the traditional keypad to the screen of a mobile phone or tablet. Start pre-scheduled meetings with one click, call contacts and groups from a personal contact book and control the conference phone's functions during the meeting. The control connection between the mobile phone and conference phone is easily setup via Bluetooth (Low Energy profile). To find out more click here.
    We have always argued for flexibility when it comes to all the collaboration tools available, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Webex. Now safety is paramount too. At the office, Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) means the user can take their laptop into the meeting room with their choice of collaboration app installed and then connect the computer to the speakerphone, conference cam and screen using a single USB cable (Konftel OCC).
    In addition our Konftel 800 audio device for example can be daisy-chained to significantly increase the distance between people, yet ensure they are still clearly heard even in the biggest of rooms.
    No Touch Conferencing
    Despite the vaccine roll-out, experts agree the virus isn't going away. More variants are being formed and there’s likely to be a surge in cases once colder weather returns at the end of the year. We are all going to have to live with Covid for the foreseeable future.
    There are many effective ways to reduce the risk of transmission, as outlined: click here
    With cleaner, contactless conferencing from Konftel, the world can keep connected and stay safe too.
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    Be More Than Dressed For Success


    The traditional daily office commute has changed forever, replaced by more hybrid ways of working – where it’s not just the way people dress that determines their success.

    Pre-pandemic, some surveys suggest just five per cent of workforces were based from home. Now it is set to rise exponentially with almost 80 percent wishing to work remotely in some capacity. More than half of companies are planning to increase collaboration spend, with healthcare and education two of the hottest sectors just now. More than a third will increase meeting rooms investment. Furthermore it is estimated it will take three years for business travel to reach previous levels, if at all.
    The world of work has changed forever and that means businesses best-placed to adapt, are the ones where the quality of audiovisual communication is a top priority. The workplace really is now a hybrid one in the truest sense. For many it will be part work from home, part come into the office.
    High-quality, sustainable audio and video conferencing is at the centre of this new operating model – where choosing the right equipment for the right location is crucial. It’s about ensuring call quality is uniform across the board, regardless of where a user is physically located.
    Quality Counts
    Once, video and conference calling was something we did as a last resort, now even the most business-critical meetings are conducted in that way. That’s why quality is so important. People are spending longer in video meetings than they ever did pre-pandemic, so user experience is also right up there with quality, whether people are in their home, at the office - or working in vertical sectors such as education and healthcare.
    You really notice if you’re in a virtual meeting and a participant’s audio and video quality pops. It used to be a suit or a handbag or a watch that impressed in a physical meeting room, now it’s the sharpness and clarity of a video feed. And if you’re sharp and clear, your presentation or your negotiation or whatever it is you’re doing in that meeting is 100 percent more impactful. If you’re choppy, then your contribution is undermined. And we’re way past the days when we can get away with blaming that on working from home.
    Corporate Currency
    In the early days, many businesses didn’t invest in high-quality kit. Now they see audio and video quality as a differentiator so they are playing catch-up. Key hires are weighing up job offers based on the quality of the audio-video kit they will be given to use. And that really is a sign that the hybrid model is here for good.
    Where we work has become an irrelevance – it’s what we look and sound like on-screen, that’s the new corporate currency.
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    Together we can spread a smile


    Strange times need comforting and recognizable events. Therefore, we at Konftel are proud to announce that we continue with last year's support of Operation Smile. 

    Operation Smile is a medical charity that provides surgeries for children born with cleft lip or cleft palate. Take a minute to look at the film with Lexxi in Colombia.
    Operation Smile is, of course, also affected by the ongoing pandemic. Patrik Boivie, Plastic Surgent at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg and one of the volunteers in the organization, says this will mean an even more significant need for Operation Smile's services when we go back to more normal times:
    "Thank you, Konftel, for your donation! It is especially important in these times of pandemic when we at the moment can't operate any children, and there will be a huge backlog that we need to take care of as soon as we can. Your donation will do a lot of good for the children in need of cleft surgery."
    We at Konftel would like to thank all customers, distributors, resellers, other partners, and friends for helping us through this year! We sincerely hope you will have a joyful Holiday season with time to reflect, relax, and look onward. Hopefully, you can spend time with family and friends, in one way or another. There is maybe some comfort in that we are in this together, and we will conquer it together.
    Have a Joyful and Relaxing Holiday season and take care!